Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Department of Conservation Greenwashing for Toyota?

The Department of Conservation and Toyota are joining forces to promote conservation to children. This seems like greenwashing to me, rather disturbing since, like fast food giants, they're targeting the most easily manipulated group in society. It will also help adults addicted to the power of cars feel less guilty or even self-righteous as they drive, thinking somehow driving is actually helping the biosphere.

Conspicuous, expensive and supposedly pristine reserves of pure protected natives can easily become components of the system destroying the planet (generally, not just for the transportation industry) by seeming to excuse or make up for it.

The general premise of this blog is that without cutting down on transport addiction by maximizing homestead and local self-reliance, saving "pristine" areas of  natural "purity" is utterly pointless because the reserves will ultimately be destroyed by the system they justify. Similarly if we cut down on car addiction through local and homestead self-reliance humans won''t go extinct, so car companies will also survive so we will be able to drive around for much longer, perhaps many thousands of years, just generally less often and shorter distances.

I don't see anything wrong with Toyota specifically compared with the rest of the car or other industries, it's possible they sincerely have the best of intentions and are doing their best, I wouldn't know.


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