Monday, October 28, 2013

Avocado Tree producing in Wellington, New Zealand

It is commonly (though not universally) believed Avocados (Persea americana) cannot fruit in the cool temperate climate of  New Zealand's capital. 

This is a more cold tolerant variety, the 'Bacon' (it doesn't taste like Bacon, it's named after it's breeder). It grows happily in an unusually cold Central Wellington Valley,taking frost down to -3 C  (26.6 F).  I tried the more common variety 'Hass', usually reported to tolerate temperatures to around 0 C, it died the first winter (because most of Wellington is frost free 'Hass' might work in most places). If your first attempt at growing Avocados doesn't work, it might just be you need a more cold tolerant variety, 'Mexicola' takes frosts down to around -7 C (19.4 F) !

This tree started bearing after around 7 years, it flowered for three years without producing any fruit , it is only six feet tall. The fruits appear to be rather small, but very tasty, they took about a year to ripen. The flowers probably self pollinated, an example of the fact that Avocados do not need a pollinator in cool climates.       


  1. after 4 more years how is the bacon doing?

  2. The tree is healthy, but a neighbor did some clearing of growth that was sheltering it from wind. The tree will survive looking battered in moderately high wind but reportedly fruit can't be expected (don't recall where I read this) & I certainly haven't gotten many since. Am waiting for shelter belt to grow up. I suppose I may also need to look more carefully at fertilizer.

    I think ten fruit was the max I ever got in a year before the clearing.

    1. Can I get some leaves from your tree? need to make a tea for kidney stone, thanks.
      021 2585620

  3. I don't know much about medicinal uses of Avocado leaves. I know they (and the bark) can be fatal if ingested but do not know in what amounts. I suggest anyone interested in using the leaves medicinally consult a doctor and seek scientific studies, if any.